Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Exactly is "Normal" Down Below?

Have you missed my blog posts about sex in general or vagina in particular?  Well, then you're in luck!  Prudes need not read any further - you've been warned.

I've noticed for many years that most porn actresses sport nearly identical looking nether regions.  Not only is there a specific "look" in porn videos, but print photos apparently received the same memo and reveal much of the same predictable result.  What is the preferred look that our X-rated friends are hustling?  It is a snatch that is totally devoid of any hair and with an utter lack of any labia minora visible. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, I can see why the hairless look is more popular for men and women.  After all, one watches porn to see people screwing. . .not to see what looks like a woman giving birth to a baby bear.  Hair obscures the vision and porn is all about visual stimulation.  I get that and I'm okay with it.  Of course, this grooming style spilled over to the general public a long time ago and I'd wager that nearly all women under the age of 30 keep up a bald vulva.  Whether or not they realize that they were manipulated into doing so by the porn industry (either through a significant other suggesting it or them doing it on their own after seeing it represented) is debatable and it doesn't really matter.  Speaking for myself, I think variety is fun and see nothing wrong with a rotation between shag, hardwood, or Berber.

The absence of labia minora is more puzzling and, I think, it has far more damaging consequences for women in general.  After all, hair can grow back as pubic fashions change and removing hair is a much easier proposition than removing excess labia.  Depending on the media, there are a few options:  one can tuck in their labia minora, have their labia minora digitally altered to look smaller or disappear entirely, or one can have a labiaplasty.  Obviously, cutting away a sensitive part of your genitals is the most extreme example and it's the one that I see becoming the result of exercising the first two options. 

The more times that women see a tucked labia or a photoshopped vulva, the more times that she'll feel unusual or weird for not looking the same way.  Ultimately, she may well end up seeing a plastic surgeon to "fix" what was never broken in the first place.  She seeks to be "normal" when, in fact, she already was the normal one.

It's like breast implants.  Heavily padded bras are one thing, but getting a surgery to alter your body is an entirely different animal.  Once women and men began seeing the result of breast implants, more women sought them.  The motivation behind the surgery makes no difference because the result is the same.  As more women get big fake boobs, women without big boobs begin to feel increasingly bizarre.  The natural women probably realize that they are being manipulated to want something unnatural, but the fact is that the natural woman looks weird at a certain point (and in certain geographic areas or work industries) rather than the other way around. 

Breast augmentations have become very popular and quite common.  Is labiaplasty the next plastic surgery craze?  If so, where do we put down our foot and say "ENOUGH!" 

Natural is no longer necessarily "normal."  Our sense of normalcy is being changed by surgeons, one cut at a time.  I can't blame the surgeons for filling a need.  The surgery most often wouldn't even be considered if it weren't for the porn industry normalizing an unnatural look.

A designer snatch.  A customized c*nt.  A perfect p*ssy.  I respectfully submit that such things aren't worthy of pursuit.  As I say about most (certainly not all) cosmetic surgery, I think the money would be better spent with a psychiatrist to find out why you're so unhappy with your own self.  To find out why you feel the need to surgically alter (mutilate, enhance, or whatever you want to call it) your body in an effort to find peace and contentment.

I think my husband said it best when he said that no man is going to refuse to have sex with a woman because her p*ssy lips protrude.  Indeed, I'd suggest that having at least a little protrusion makes sex more pleasurable for both men and women because the labia are an extension of the vagina and the stroking friction feels good.  That said, there is a wide range of normal and warm & wet feels good no matter what the rest of the packaging looks like.

I write all of this knowing that I'm a hypocrite.  I've often thought that I'd like to do one specific thing to my snatch.  My husband, and every other man who I've mentioned this to, thinks I'm absolutely nuts.  I know I have a great little p*ssy and I logically realize that my emotions on the matter have been manipulated by the porn industry.  However, there is still that part of me that thinks it would be so much better if I just do this one little thing. 

Thank goodness I have the number of a good therapist!

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