Saturday, October 2, 2010

Do You Crumple or Fold. . .

your toilet paper?

My son is obsessed with toilet paper these days.  Specifically, he wants to throw it in the toilet.  And he throws anything that even remotely resembles TP in the toilet.  Facial tissues, paper napkins, and paper towels all have to be out of his reach or he'll stuff the toilet with them the second your back is turned.

He loves toilet paper and he begs for it any time he visits the toilet, but he only needs it when he poops so I dole it out after he drops a deuce.  Boys don't need to wipe their wiener after peeing, right? 

Anyway, he asked for TP this morning after he dropped some kids off at the pool.  I'm being generous to say that he asked because he pointed at the toilet paper roll and yelled, "MINE!"  After I was sure that he was done pooping, I gave him a square of TP.  He doesn't know how to wipe his own bottom and he can't reach it anyway so he "wiped" the best he can:  He crumpled it up and threw it over his shoulder.  Yeah, we're gonna have to work on his wiping technique.

I noticed that he crumples up the toilet paper before he used it.  Well, before he threw it over his shoulder.  I know that you can crumple or fold the TP before using and I've never taught him one way or the other.  Based on his "help" when I put away laundry, I know that he can't fold, but I still find it interesting that he crumples.

My ex-husband had a theory on which method results in a cleaner butthole.  I have a theory as well.  We each chose a different method.  Now, I'm not saying that crumpling versus folding TP led to our divorce, but I think it didn't help matters.

Do your crumple or fold your toilet paper?  Feel free to leave an anonymous comment if you don't want the whole world (okay, just the readership - not exactly the world) to know how you treat your toilet paper before you wipe your butt.


  1. I am so surprised that no one has commented on this blog entry!

    I was curious as to what crumpling, folding or wrapping toilet paper told about someone's personality, so I turned to the all knowing Google. :)

    When I Googled the question, "What does it mean when you fold your toilet paper?", I received this answer:

    If you fold up toilet paper you are organized. If you crumple it you are talkative and creative, if you wrap, you are sensual.

    Now whether that is accurate or not is another story, but it was pretty interesting. Psychology intrigues me and I love to try to read people. (Not that I read people while they're in the bathroom. That'd be creepy...)

    So, to answer the question as to how I treat my toilet paper...I am a crumpler. :)

  2. Well, I just read this and I am going to respond. I used to be a crumpler, but now I am a folder. I used to laugh at my husband because he folder the TP so perfectly it seemed (anytime you fold TP it always seems perfect cause I thought everyone crumpled). I used to crumple actually until this last year. I decided after 15 years of seeing my hubby do it and laughing I had to see what it was all about.

    I LOVE IT....Folding is so much better. You use less and can get two wipes out of the same paper. (NO I DONT mean that I save it for another potty visit, I mean at the same visit) Usually when you crumple you use it and toss it and then grab more to make sure that you wont end up with skid marks in the underwear. Well if you fold it you use it once, then fold it again to "hide" what you already wiped and then wipe again with the same TP that you originally pulled off the roll. It is cleaner, you dont possibly end up with DooDee on your hands and you save a little money.


  3. Interesting, I guess I fall some where in the middle of folding and crumpling. I start off with the half folded sort of crumpled ball, then fold it over for the second wipe. What does that say about me that I am a messy organizer (which would actually be pretty accurate) or that I have split personalities.

  4. So Heather, how was it??? LMAO

  5. Heh! Fascinating and I've learned something; I've never even heard of those sensual people who wrap their toilet paper! For the record, I am talkative and creative. . .

    October 2, 2010 11:49 PM


    Save money and have a cleaner butthole? Okay, I might be sold on folding. I'm going to try to do it tomorrow.

    October 6, 2010 9:36 PM


    LOL @ Jenny!

    Stacey - I hated it! It feels like it's making a mess down there. Maybe it's just that I use John Wayne TP though. . .might try it again with a softer brand.

    October 8, 2010 10:38 AM