Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Interesting Side Effects

I've had my Mirena IUD for a week now so I thought that I'd give an update. 

I no longer have cramping and I'm not nearly as aware that it's up in my ladyparts.  My period stopped very quickly, but now I'm inexplicably spotting.  I woke to a spontaneous orgasm one day and I'm soooo hopeful that that will become a regular occurrence.

I also have noticed that my attitude seems somewhat improved.  I'm less likely to lose my shit and become a screechy harridan.  My husband noticed this too and I have to assume that it's because of the hormones from the Mirena.  I've read that some women experience the opposite and start flying off the handle over every little thing so I wonder if it's a situation where women without hormone problems do not benefit from the addition and women with hormone problems end up being more balanced with the addition.

I have also lost five pounds in the last week, but I did just end my period so I have to believe that water retention was a real problem for me this month.  Time will tell if the hormones will have any effect on weight loss and I do need to lose at least 25 pounds so I'm hopeful that watching what I eat and being more active will help counteract any potential for weight gain.  I've dusted off my trusty old scale so I should be able to detect any problem in short order.  In other words, not waiting until I've totally porked up again.

So far, so good with the IUD.  I'm kinda eager to see what my next period looks like because I went through this whole thing to get a little relief from my flow.  :::fingers crossed:::


  1. I bet within a few months it's gone completely. Thank you very much to GOD and whoever invented the Mirena IUD that I have not had a period in nearly 7 years!

  2. My mind is boggled and I'm sooo envious. I sure hope it works for me like it has for you and other women I've heard from about this very topic. I started outright bleeding again (grrr!!) so I'm hoping that it stops and the Mirena works like it has for so many other women!