Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Neverending Period

It has been three weeks since I had a Mirena IUD inserted to fix my heavy and frequent periods.  And it's worked. . .

if your definition of "fix" is to just bleed nonstop all the time. 

I mean, I can't complain that my period is coming too frequently when it never freaking ends!  Yeah, thus far I am significantly underwhelmed with how well the IUD has worked for fix my bleeding difficulties.  Though the flooding/gushing isn't occurring so I do have to admit that that's a plus because at least I can function and have a life.  A life filled with thinking about my bloody cooch and wondering when it will knock it off, but a life nonetheless.

I received a speedy response from my doctor after I wrote my last blog post and he indicated that "irregular bleeding" is common after an IUD is inserted.  Call me crazy, but I think mid-cycle spotting and stuff like that is what should be called irregular bleeding and I darn sure didn't expect to be experiencing the neverending period.  I suppose he is technically correct though because it's hardly regular to bleed for weeks on end. 

He also totally understood my Kobayashi Maru comment and I've been thinking he's a great big dork, but a friend pointed out that I'm the one who initially made the connection so I'm the bigger dork.  Worse is that he corrected me in my assessment that my period is like the Kobayashi Maru because that is the no-win scenario and that's not the case here because there are other options to try and, ultimately, a hysterectomy is the atomic option that will guarantee relief if nothing else works.  So it's no big deal that I'm bleeding all the time and he corrected me on my dorkdom.  Talk about adding insult to injury. 

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