Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Interesting Appointment

I'm 16w5d pregnant now and had a doctor's appointment today.  A few interesting things were discussed and I suspect that I'll end up with a few blog posts based on what transpired at today's visit.

We were happy to hear that my baby still has a good & strong heartbeat.  My OB was less happy to hear that I still have spotting episodes and he was surprised to hear what happens just prior to this spotting, but more on that tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow's post will be a doozy.  I'm measuring right even though I've only gained two pounds according to their scale.  Somewhere between my house and their office I lost two pounds (because I've actually gained four pounds), but I guess there's no need to sweat my weight since he didn't flip out over it or anything.

He asked to do a quick pelvic exam (boy, am I glad that I decided to get friendly with my razor in the shower this morning!) to determine if there was any obvious reason for the continued spotting and, as predicted, found nothing.  Well, he found that my cervix is still nice & tightly closed, but that was expected.  I almost made a crack about my super-strength cervix and somehow was able to restrain myself.  I'm pretty sure that I have the dubious distinction of being his great big horn-dog patient, so I figured there's no need to try to be funny too.  Besides, I don't do funny and I really don't do funny when a man who is sort of a stranger is three deep inside me.

So that's it for my post this evening. . .I have some, ahem, long overdue business to attend to.  ;)

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