Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm Baaaack! (and possibly grosser than ever)

Guess who's back?  I took a looong overdue vacation and gave my blog a break at the same time.  Now it's time to shield your kiddo's eyes from your monitor because this blog is back up & running.

I wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to go on this trip since I've been on a travel restriction once this pregnancy began.  My doctor made it clear than car travel would not terminate this pregnancy, but since the pregnancy did begin with a solid month of experiencing a majorly bloody mess, he recommended staying close to home so I could see him right away if further problems arose.  Considering that I've had spotting after the initial daily bleeding stopped, it seems like it was prudent to follow his advice.

I saw my doctor on the 1st and we not only heard our sweet baby's heartbeat via doppler (I never tire of hearing that sound!), but we also were given the auditory treat of several jarring THWAP! sounds.  Yes, that would be my baby kicking the heck out of me.  I wouldn't have thought it possible, but this baby seems even more active than my son was in the womb.  I might end up with internal bruises by the time 40-weeks rolls around!

The doctor gave a tepid green light to our travel plans so we set out after leaving his office.  My husband was in the office with me and I'm glad I had his interpretation of what the doctor actually said versus what I thought I heard or I may not have gone.  I really have a bad way of not hearing anything that a doctor says, any doctor, and it really is helpful to have hubs' ears help me out.

I should add that, much to our dismay, my pelvic rest has been ordered to continue.  I don't think I've mentioned it in this blog, but I haven't been allowed to have sex since I got a positive pregnancy test and I bled for over a month afterward.  I guess my pelvis must need further rest because I've had additional episodes of spotting in the last two weeks (I also did it for several days on vacation), but it really is getting old to not be allowed to sex up my husband.  Heck, it was already old once the initial bleeding stopped and I was up for some action.  Never let it be said that I don't sacrifice for my children, right?

I've been resting my pelvis according to the doctor's orders, but I find that I have scant spotting after I have an orgasm.  No, I'm not getting a little self-love on the side.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I've actually been awakened out of a sound sleep from the spasms of an O.  Yes, really.  Apparently all this pelvic rest is causing my body to behave like an unsatisfied teenaged boy and I'm getting my orgasms wherever I can. . .even if it's only from dreams.

Other than a couple of tearful hormone-fueled meltdowns in front of my family (I'm oh-so-classy, eh?), I had a great trip and feel somewhat refreshed.  I only feel somewhat refreshed because I'm actually more fatigued now than I was just a couple of short weeks ago.  I can't figure out what the problem is other than I did follow my doctor's orders and discontinued taking the progesterone suppositories (I weaned off vs going cold turkey, for those who are interested) while I was on vacation.  So the upside is that my vadge is no longer a constantly drippy suppository-filled mess, but the downside is that I want to sleep all the time.

I've spent months feeling constantly wet down below, courtesy of the progesterone suppositories, and I was looking forward to finally being able to wear panties without a pad to catch the, uh, drippings.  It is nice to not wear a pad, but I've discovered that my ladyparts are still a bit on the moist side.  I don't know if I'm constantly feeling this sensation because I'm chronically horny of if pregnancy-induced leukorrhea has finally made an appearance.  Actually, it could have been there all along for all I know and the melting suppositories just masked what was naturally occurring.  It is an uncomfortable feeling, particularly with my history of bleeding and spotting, and sometimes I'm not sure what I might find when I wipe.  Honestly though, as long as it isn't pink or red, I breathe a sigh of relief.

I'm over 14-weeks now and, though I've gained less than five pounds, I am inexplicably showing.  This makes absolutely zero sense to me and fills me with particular dread because ALL of my maternity clothes are packed and gone.  The few clothes that I still have in the house will have to last for another couple of months or I'll have to drag my old bones out to the store and do a bit of shopping before too long - bleh!

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