Friday, July 22, 2011

A Whole You is the Best Gift to Your Child

A good friend and I had a deep conversation around five months ago.  She mentioned that her therapist said that a whole you is the best gift to give to your child.  A whole you is the best gift to give your child. 

I've been pondering this comment ever since we had the conversation. I have several thoughts and opinions on the matter (shocking, right?), but I'm interested in reading what other people think. 

What do you think it means to be the "whole you?"  Do you think the "whole you" is the best gift you can give your child?  Why or why not?  Do you feel like you're being the "whole you?"  Why or why not?  How do you keep your self "whole?'


  1. No, because in order to be my "whole me" I would have to get up at 10 AM when I'm good and ready, ignore them all day, go out and get a pedicure, go to a therapist for 2 hours and bitch about my own shitty childhood, and then go out for several beers afterward,and a great lobster dinner. That would be being my "whole me." But unfortunately that leaves no time for my three dear children who need me. So instead, I have had to grow a friggin' set, get up at the ass crack of dawn, make breakfast, be fun for my darling babies, make sure that they have no clue what a sucky childhood I had, play with them some more, make a great dinner and snuggle them into bed. That is being a good parent. I figure I can have time to get a pedicure, massage, read, enlighten, self-evaluate, and all of that bullshit when the youngest in in college in 16 years. Imma booze it the f*ck up then. But for now, it's about my WHOLE children, not my whole ME.

  2. "Imma booze it the f*ck up then" haha I hear you! I actually had a totally different thought process on what being a "whole" you means and I'm pretty sure it will wind up being a new blog post.