Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a Girl!

No, I'm not having a girl. . .that I know of. . .I'm just amazed that I've become somewhat girly in the last several weeks.  No, I'm not suddenly obsessed over screwing around with my hair and I'm not investing much time powdering my face.  However, I am dressing more girly now than I have in YEARS.

What do I consider to be girly clothes?  Dresses and skirts.  Long or short, doesn't really matter, just as long as it can be lifted up out of the way so you can pee.  Hm, that wasn't a very girly description now was it?

I'm not terribly fond of showing my legs because I think they are my least attractive feature.  Chunky thighs and cankles generally aren't all that desirable, even among people who like women a little on the thicker side.  So I always wear pants (I have only started wearing capris in the last few years) to cover up my stems.  Okay, okay, stems sounds a bit too flattering - my legs actually resemble something more like tree trunks.

For some reason I can't figure, I have been only wearing dresses and skirts for several weeks.  I don't know if it's my increased body temperature and the hot Summer days or what, but I don't want fabric wrapped around my legs.  Ideally I'd get a cooling breeze to drift up my dress and if I was young enough or hot enough I think I'd be living in mini-skirts.

Do you find that your clothing tastes and preferences change with seasons, age, and/or pregnancy?

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