Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Similar and So Different

I assumed that I'd sail through any pregnancy after I had my son because I'd done it before.  It's funny how each pregnancy is totally different, isn't it?  Perhaps it's just that memories fade over time and I can't totally remember what it was like when my son was growing in-utero.

- I am completely surprised by how wiped out I am even in the second trimester.  I remember being slammed with first trimester exhaustion with my son, but it seems like my energy came back at some point.  Otherwise, how in the world did I put in the hours I did at work when I was pregnant with him?

- I don't remember backaches beginning so early with my son, though my husband says I complained about my back the entire time.  I had gained more than twice that amount of weight at 19-weeks when I was pregnant with my son than what I have so far so I'd expect that I had backaches that time around.  I still haven't even gained five pounds yet and it makes no sense that my back already hurts.

- I have never eaten as much protein in my entire life!  I ate a very balanced diet when I was pregnant with my son and, other than suddenly liking pork, I didn't have any weird cravings.  I certainly didn't have any food aversions.  I only want to consume animal flesh this time around and it is very difficult for me to force down veggies which is certainly a weird about-face on my normally veggie-heavy diet.  I still can't bring myself to consume dairy right now and that's bizarre because I used to go through a gallon of milk each week.

- I never had any spotting and certainly didn't have any outright bleeding when I was pregnant with my son.  I've detailed my drama with this pregnancy in this blog so there's no need to revisit that bloody mess.

- My breasts ACHED throughout my entire pregnancy with my son.  I can't remember what hurt worse, my back or my boobs.  The twins don't exactly feel very touchable at this point and are still sensitive, but I don't think I'd kill someone for copping a feel either.

- I felt baby kicks far earlier this time around, but the baby is significantly more mellow.  My son made me feel like I was being beat up from the inside out and so far this baby is more gentle and seems less active.  I'll be 19-weeks tomorrow and it's entirely possible that I'm just not feeling all the movement yet.

If you've had more than one baby, how were your pregnancies different?


  1. Nope, you aren't feeling all of the baby's movement yet. You will though. My daughter was way more mellow then my son. Matthew used in bladder and other internal organs as his personal punching bags. Neither child kicked my ribs, which was nice. I seemed to carry both kids low, which was why they love my bladder. Chloe was less active then Matthew.

  2. I would take the protein cravings as a sign that that is what your body needs right now. I know veggies are important, too, but I think that the most important thing during pregnancy is to listen to your body (on all fronts except for sugar cravings...) and eat what sounds good. Protein cravings may also be a sign of anemia- have you been tested for that?

    My second pregnancy was a little different from my first- I gained a lot less weight and had a lot more energy (except for the first trimester, when I was far more wiped the second time than the first). And I did not swell AT ALL with my second, but with my first my ankles were huge. But I think most of these differences were because I was much more active and ate much healthier with my second.

  3. @ Heather - Want to weigh in on whether you think I'm having a girl this time around or not? :)

    @ Brandis - I don't often like sweets and actually don't like most baked goods at all, but I do notice that I eat a chocolate something (cookie, candy bar, whatever) around once per week. I think it has more to do with the caffeine than the sugar though. Good point about the anemia, I'll ask the doctor when I see him again. I gained 27-pounds with my son and I'm on track to gain less this time around. . .I wonder if it's a common thing to gain less weight subsequent pregnancies?

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