Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanna Make Bets??

My big ultrasound is tomorrow and I'm obviously excited because it never gets old to hear your baby's heartbeat or see them performing a busy tumbling routine while in the womb.  I'm hoping that the ultrasound reveals that everything looks wonderfully normal.  It's been around a month since I last had any spotting episodes and I'm  optimistic that the second half of this pregnancy will be far less nerve-wracking than the first half.

Of course, I'm also very interested to see if the technician can make a gender determination.  That's dependent on a number of factors, primarily that the child will sit still and, ahem, provide ample viewing opportunity.  That is, open their legs and not move away too quickly.

My husband's family is heavily male and the general feeling is that it's definitely a boy I'm carrying.  I did have that name dream about two weeks prior to conception and the name was definitely female with absolutely zero gender ambiguity.  This pregnancy is very similar to the one I had with my son, but it is significantly different in many ways and the exact same could be said about the baby's movement patterns.

Anyone care to weigh in on whether you think I'm having a girl or a boy?  If so, why do you think this baby is the gender you think?

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