Monday, August 8, 2011

What Are Pregnant Chicks Wearing?

I'm nearly halfway done with this pregnancy and, since all my maternity clothes are packed up and out of my house, I'm starting to look at clothing options for when I outgrow my existing wardrobe.  "Wardrobe" makes it sound so grand, but at the moment I'm limited to three pairs of pants, five shirts, and a few dresses.  Yeah, right about now I'm really annoyed that the vast majority of my clothes are gone.

I hate shopping, but I'm forced to do it so I can get some clothes that will fit for the next few months.  That is, I will need to purchase some maternity clothes.  And there is my problem.  NO ONE SELLS MATERNITY CLOTHES!!  Seriously. 

I have dragged my old bones to stores all over town, grumbling to myself about how much I hate shopping the entire time, and all I found was three small T-racks and a wall display of maternity clothes at Kohls.  I should also add that I'm continually irritated that no one sells plain ol' cotton nightgowns either.  Pajama sets, yes.  Night shirts, yes.  Nightgowns, no.

Am I the only woman in SoCal who would like maternity clothes and a cotton nightgown?


  1. Target has night gowns... I think. I don't wear em:) Also, another thing I wore a lot when I was pregnant (thought of this one since the facebook comments!) was any non-maternity jersey shirt dress I could find, particularly if it was empire waist. Target has a bunch right now, and the last I looked some were on sale (but that may have been last week). I wore those a lot with leggings. Still do, in fact:)

  2. I have to try a different Target. The one I was in had the smallest womens department I've ever seen - even the mens section was bigger! I did buy a couple non-maternity long flowy dresses that should be handy during the hottest days ahead.

  3. I think Target on line has a really large selection of maternity wear. I know for sure they have a much larger selection of nursing bras and tanks than in the store.

    I think there is some maternity clothes store up here by me. I've never been in there, but I swear I have seen it driving. Over by Victoria Gardens.

  4. Oh wow, has a ton of maternity clothes. Great tip, Jenny! :)

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