Friday, June 10, 2011

An Interesting Search

I check my blog stats every day to see which posts are read most frequently.  Among other things, I can find out which country readers reside in, what operating systems they use, and which search words readers use to find this blog.  That last bit is rather interesting at times and it certainly is this morning.

Some of you know that I felt forced to censor myself by destroying my old blog, my old blogger name, and making this new blog viewable by invitation only for a period of time.  I'm not going to rehash my reasons why because I didn't feel it was fair or right, but I suppose that someone dear to me felt they were good reasons.  Let's just say that although I was fully in the right and standing on the side of truth, it made my life easier to not have my every word, thought, and opinion dissected and perverted by certain readers who were offended by the plain truth and my personal opinions.

I find it interesting that someone found this blog yesterday by searching for my old blogger name.  Should I be concerned that those who clearly can't handle the truth might actually be exposed to it by reading this blog?  Should I ready myself for an attack?  Should I go through the nonsense to delete this blog and create yet another one?

No, I don't think I should do a damn thing.

I don't feel it's my problem if someone is so freakishly obsessed with me, my words, or my thoughts that they actually took the time to search for me after I took great pains to remain anonymous these last several months.  I guess I'm just not all that concerned if someone has actively sought me out because they were completely and totally cut from my life and my son's life as a result of their actions and perhaps this is a way to learn a little about what's going on with us.  I guess at some point everyone realizes that their hateful actions have very real consequences; their poison pen acted as a saw to effectively cut us away forever.  I can forgive their heinous words, but I will not forget them and I will never allow myself to be put in a position to be hurt by them again.

It's debatable whether or not they're missing out on anything important by not being allowed a relationship with me, but they absolutely are missing out on quite a lot by not being allowed contact with my son.  He's a spectacular little boy and I'm actually thankful that he no longer asks about seeing those people because I found it very difficult to hold my tongue and simply say that we won't be seeing them again.  I guess that's something they should have thought about before attacking this child's mother who absolutely did nothing to provoke such a venomous letter. 

Lest you think I'm being petty and using my son as a weapon, it was their own stated wish that we remain out of their lives.  I'm sure they had their own dark and bitter reasons, but thinking such hateful language was spewed forth because they are emotionally wounded almost makes me feel sorry for them.  Almost. . .

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