Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Luxuries Tester Pads - II

I wrote a blog post about some tester cloth pads I received back in November.  I gave a good description of the product and what I knew of them without actually having had a period yet.  I was actually looking forward to my period so I naturally ended up pregnant.  They were tucked away with the rest of my mama cloth stash, waiting to eventually be used. 

I assumed that it would be well over a year before I'd use the Little Luxuries pads (thanks to pregnancy and breastfeeding), but that's not how things turned out.  Between the nearly non-stop periods after my miscarriage and the chronic spotting (and sometimes bleeding!) that I had for well over a month in this new pregnancy, I finally have enough input that I can write a full review about Little Luxuries cloth menstrual pads.

Simply put, they are bulletproof! 

Two of these tester pads, in particular, are the "big guns" of my mama cloth stash.  They were put through the stress and strain of trying to withstand my flow and they passed that test with flying colors.  I never once had a leak when I used the correct pad for my flow.  That's something that can't be said about disposable pads, tampons, or even my Diva Cup.

I have detailed my impossibly heavy flow in this blog so understand that it's absolutely necessary that I have a pad that I can trust or I'd just throw them in the garbage.  How heavy has my flow been?  So heavy that it's impossible to get my Diva Cup to form a seal because my period is quite literally like a gushing red river between my legs.  Not only did I suffer with a ridiculously fast flow (like a geyser, but upside down), but I also had the pleasure of clots.  Not huge clots by some measures, but shooter-marble sized chunks of blood seemed pretty darn excessive to me.  And I won't even get started on the frequency - ugh!  It's accurate to say that I felt like I was being held hostage by my menstrual cycle and "the curse" definitely felt like one to me.

With such a mess going on downstairs, it's fair to say that I expect a lot from a pad.  Add in that I demand absolute perfection in whatever product I use to manage my menses and I guess you could say that I'm a tough customer to please.

It seemed HUGE so I was skeptical about the length of the 13" overnight/postpartum pad, but found that it was acceptable and might have been necessary sometimes.  This was the pad that I relied on for my heaviest days and, yes, overnight.  I almost felt ill seeing and feeling just how saturated it was (it actually was heavy), but it didn't fail me - not even once!

The 11" heavy pad was also good on my heavy days and I preferred it if I had to leave the house while flowing so fast.  I never had a single mishap with it either.  The 9" regular pad was totally adequate at the very beginning or the very end of my period, but I'm certain that it would work well for women with "normal" flows.  I did try it on my heavy day and it couldn't take the force of my flow so there was a little leakage that time.  The 8" liner was fine, but I didn't love it only because I find myself constantly fiddling with any pad that is under 9".  They just don't feel right in my britches and I'm forever trying to adjust them to feel right to me. 

Of course, length preferences are highly personal and it shouldn't be taken as a criticism because I didn't have any complaints about how any of these pads performed.  They exceeded my expectations and I can confidently recommend them to anyone interested in exploring cloth pads.  However, understand that they aren't the trimmest in my stash though they're still far better in that area than a disposable pad.  Also, I found that they took longer to dry than any of my other pads, but I think that's a small price to pay for such incredible absorbency and 100% perfect pad performance.

These Little Luxuries pads are sooooo incredibly soft and pretty that they almost make you look forward to using them.  If you buy them, I'm betting that you'll enjoy and appreciate your Little Luxuries.  I know that I do!

* * *

Though I prefer 10" and 12" pad lengths, these Little Luxuries pads are definitely in my rotation to use once I begin bleeding again.  I do plan to use mama cloth to handle the lochia in the immediate post-partum period so I expect that the 13" and 11" will get quite a workout toward the end of the year.  Hm, wonder if Little Luxuries needs testers for their post-partum pads??  ;)

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