Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye to the First Trimester

I'm right at the end of my first trimester for what I will assume is my last pregnancy.  I can't believe the first twelve-weeks are already over.  This trimester has gone by so fast that I almost wonder where the time went!  Honestly though, I feel like I can finally relax just a little bit because my miscarriage risk has dropped to an incredibly small risk level simply by completing the first trimester with a live and healthy fetus still in my womb.

Today I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound, also called an NT scan.  This is the special ultrasound in which they look for the amount of fluid accumulating at the back of the baby's neck.  The size of this fluid-filled space, coupled with the blood tests I had performed last week, give a preliminary assessment of genetic abnormalities with my baby.  A final report will be issued after the results are in for another round of blood tests that I'll have performed in about a month.

How did my NT scan turn out?  In a word, awesome! 

Baby's heartbeat is good & fast at 165 BPM.  I can't stress enough how nervous I was about my baby's heart; I was more concerned about this than the risk of possible genetic abnormalities that they actually did this scan to assess.  I was terrified that this little one's heart would inexplicably stop too and I'm so thankful that my baby is still living and growing inside me.

Though I'm 11w6d along (they had me at 12w on the nose), baby is measuring 12w4d.  So a little big.  I'm not too concerned about that as my last baby consistently measured small so I'd rather see the baby measuring perfectly or a little bigger.

My baby has a 1 in 1,100 chance of having Down Syndrome and a 1 in 35,000 chance of having trisomy 18.  I think it's statistically safe to say that the odds are solidly in favor of having a perfectly healthy little one.  I know that I have that final round of blood testing in about a month to complete the screening process, but everything looks pretty darn good by my estimation.

My darling babe already looks like a sweet little baby - emphasis on the little part.  I see what appears to be the profile of my nose (my son has it too) and, oh my, this is a feisty lil' one!  The doctor even remarked with some surprise that this is really a very active baby; my son was too so I'm not terribly surprised.  Baby's arms and legs were flying the entire time that the doctor was performing the scan and it took her a long time to get good pictures because the child would not stop moving and sit still!  Hm, who does that sound like?

I'm feeling really good these days.  Sometimes I get a little queasy, but it's been a few weeks since I've actually vomited so that's nice.  I haven't had any bleeding/spotting in over a month and that's great.  I'm still on the twice daily progesterone suppository regimen and it's tolerable; besides, I'm sure my OB will take me off the prog suppos at my appointment next Friday.  My energy levels have been steadily increasing the last couple of weeks and I'm assuming it's because my placenta is finally up & running.

I was cool in the doctor's office, but I broke down in tears of joy and thanksgiving as soon as I was in my car.  I'm so thankful, so very thankful, that this baby is looking so good.  I pray every night for this sweet babe, as I've prayed every night for the final member of our family for over two years now.  If this baby is a girl, she already has her name.  If this baby is a boy, I'm asking God to send me another name dream because I can't possibly give a son this name.  My husband isn't fond of the girl's name I was given and he'd hit the roof if I proposed it for a son! 

I'm so happy and eager to meet the one who will complete our family.  Oh, little one, how I've longed for you!  You're already cherished and loved so much.  Stay healthy & strong and I'll be seeing you nestled in my arms in two more trimesters.  xoxo

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