Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Flunked It

I had to do my 1-hour glucose test today and I flunked it.  I'm fairly certain that the advice I received early yesterday morning in the ER didn't exactly help my numbers, but it's not like I just barely missed the acceptable upper level so I can't blame my crappy result on being told to take it easy and sit around the house.  I didn't flunk it as spectacularly as I did last December, but I flunked it nonetheless.  Sh*t!

I had this test performed when I was pregnant with my son and I scored 112.  I was 177 in my pregnancy last December.  I was 166 today. 

I laid off the carbs last night and only had an egg for breakfast this morning.  I weigh less now than I did in December and certainly less than when I had the test performed in 2008 (I was starting my third trimester when I had that test) so I don't understand how it's possible that I flunked it.  But I did and I know what that means. . .I get to take the 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test.  Sh*t!

A couple of friends who have had Gestational Diabetes have given me info on the GD diet and it's livable.  I mean, I'd rather be able to eat whatever I want, but anything is doable if it is better for the health of my baby or me.  I've also heard that pumping iron tends to improve numbers more than doing cardio. 

Have you ever failed a glucose screening and ended up passing the 3-hour test?  What advice can you give me?  Obviously I'm not trying to "cheat" the test because Gestational Diabetes is serious and needs to be monitored, but I am open to any suggestions on improving the way my body utilizes the sugar.

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