Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayers for a Friend & Her Baby

I'm soliciting prayers tonight for a dear friend who some readers know very well.  She's one of the wonderful ladies who watched my son when I had to leave him to go to New Jersey last year for my brother's funeral.  She not only volunteered to watch my rambunctious lil' guy, but she also sent a delicious supper home with him that night so my hubs didn't have to worry about food prep.  I might also add that she works from home and has children of her own!  I often think that SuperMom's secret identity has been revealed when I see her making it all work while maintaining her sanity and good humor.

She's a little less than four-weeks from her estimated due date and she's been monitored in the hospital while on bedrest for the last several days.  Her amniotic fluid levels are a bit lower than expected and there is concern that her placenta shows a lot of calcification.  Adding to her worries is that she has Gestational Diabetes and they are having trouble keeping her blood sugar stabilized each evening.  Thankfully, her baby isn't showing any signs of distress.

She's understandably upset and missing her family.  The entire family is lovely and she has such a genuinely kind heart.  Her last blog post illustrated her fears and sadness, leaving me in tears over the entire situation.

Please join me in praying for her physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health during this trying time.  Ask for blessings on the sweet little babe still in her womb.  Lift her entire family up in prayer as this separation and uncertainty is so very hard on them.  God hears our prayers and remember that supplication will bless your own heart too.

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