Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things I Learned Today

1.  My nipples are much too big and my areolas are way too dark to wear a white shirt without wearing a bra underneath.

2.  I have no trouble discussing cervical fluid while eating breakfast and am even willing to indicate just how stretchy my fertile cervical fluid has been the last two times I've ended up with confirmed conception.

3.  I'm apparently willing to demonstrate (clothed, of course) how to check cervical position while eating that same breakfast.

4.  I will never again intentionally put off afternoon naptime if we've had a very busy morning playing with friends.

5.  My husband can make me fall in love with him all over again by simply taking our screaming toddler out of the house and enjoying father-son bonding at the park.

6.  Old, like really freaking old, slow cookers don't cook anywhere near as hot as my models and decades-old models will somehow leave onions still slightly crunchy after 9-hours of cooking time.

7.  Transferring pasta sauce from a slow cooker to a pot on the stove isn't advisable when the sauce is as hot as lava and the cook is wearing white. 

8.  Allowing a toddler to feed himself spaghetti is never a good idea and it's a really bad idea when he's wearing his favorite WHITE shirt.  (honestly, what was with the white shirts in this family today?!)

9.  My son trusts me so much that he will believe that it's his bedtime, even if it's still light outside, if that's what I tell him.

10.  I survived this horrible afternoon & wretched early evening so I'm pretty sure that I can survive anything!

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