Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Dream, Another Name

I hesitate to write this post, but I can't contain it any longer.  I had a dream two days ago, but not just any dream.  I had a name dream.  As in a name dream like the one I had toward the end of last November.  Yeah.

That dream last November filled me with ridiculous hope and for good reason.  I actually was already pregnant when I had the dream.  In fact, I was so newly pregnant that I couldn't even take a pregnancy test yet and hope to get any results. 

In the dream I had two days ago, someone handed me what looked like a blank sheet of paper.  I looked at the paper and suddenly realized that a name was written on it.  It was written in my own script.  I was puzzled because I hadn't written the name (indeed, I don't think I've ever written that name in my life) and I looked up to ask what this was about.  That's when I sat up in bed. 

Sounds easy, right?  I suppose so, but when I woke up, I had an entirely different name in my head.  So I guess you could say that two names were given to me in this dream.

I don't think this means that twins are in my future, but I do think that I dreamed the first and middle names of the next (and likely last) child I have.  I only base that on the syllables contained in the two names.  I'm fond of the 3-2-1 syllable flow and that's part of the reason why I agonized over coming up with my son's name.  Well, I just dreamed a 3-2-1 syllable flow that will make it plenty easy to name my next baby.  So easy that it's already done!

Do I sound convinced that I'll be having another baby?  I am.  As with the dream last November, I believe this dream is telling me that I will fall pregnant again and that I will have another baby.  So here's to enjoying the journey along the way!

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