Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

I heard about Little Luxuries a few months ago from a friend.  By the time that I investigated the company a little further, I was disappointed to find that the owner was closing down operations.  However, another work at home mom (WAHM) picked up the reigns and Little Luxuries is back in business. 

The new owner was looking for some testers and yours truly will be doing testing for them.  I figured that I'd be a perfect candidate for testing since I'm willing to try new things, I'm very open when it comes to giving my opinion, and I obsess over the most minute details.  Even better, I don't even have to come up with my own opinion because the owner will be sending out a questionnaire to use for forming my review.

I recently received my set of tester pads from Little Luxuries.  My set consists of a 13" overnighter/post-partum, an 11" heavy, a 9" regular, and an 8" liner.  The overnighter/post-partum pad seems a little too long because I don't have a lot of, ahem, real estate to cover down there, but the rest seem like they'd work well lengthwise.  They are a little thicker than the other pads that I'd normally prefer, but they are still thinner than a disposable so it's not that big of a deal.

I was blown away by how soft and pretty they are - they are unbelievably soft and so very pretty!  I'm not a sewer, but even I can tell that these are beautifully constructed.  Even the wings seem more substantial than most of the other pads I've tried; I suspect they have three layers of fabric.  They all have different prints and colors:  bright pink velour topper with whimsical butterflies, pink velour topper with brown & pink argyle print, royal blue velour topper with a bold tropical floral print, and chocolate brown velour topper with a retro-looking owl print. 

As I've said about other pads in the past, these are almost too pretty to use for their intended purpose.  But I can't wait for my next period so I can use these little luxuries!

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