Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brief Words on Hitchcock

The Tater Tot and I stayed in again today, just in case he had any lingering illness from his fever.  Though my son's room is quite large, I organized his room in such a way that it looks significantly larger.  I guess I've made it pretty clear that he will not return to the crib as I turned it into storage for all of the clothes, toys, and baby gear that he's outgrown over the last two years.

My personal Alfred Hitchcock film festival is still running.  I expect that I'll end up writing reviews of all of these movies at some point.  As a general rule, he does a great job setting mood and tone.  He is the Master of Suspense and I've noticed some creepy (and/or taboo) themes that run through his movies.  Of course, even the casual viewer of his films can easily pick up on the psychological struggles that his characters are suffering.  He wasn't known for nudity or gore, but he certainly pushed the censorship envelope.  I think this is particularly true when one considers the era in which most of these movies were made.

Today I watched Marnie and Saboteur while the kiddo took a four hour nap.  The upside to his marathon nap is that I was able to watch two movies.  The downside is that he has been up four different times in the last two hours.  At first he tried to claim he had to go potty, but he hasn't bothered with the deception the last three times.

I had Frenzy tapped to be the movie to watch once he'd gone to bed for the evening.  Perhaps it's because I've been continually interrupted, but I have found it impossible to like this movie.  I'm certainly not a prude, but I found the nudity, crass language, and graphic violence tremendously off-putting.  Somehow, less truly was more.  I may give it another try tomorrow night.  At this point though, I regret that I didn't go with my first instinct and watch Vertigo instead.

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