Monday, July 26, 2010

Eskimo Kisses + Todder = Fat Lip for Mama

I've been in a real funk the last couple of weeks.  Normally socially active, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to drag myself out of the house.  Playdates, toddler classes, potlucks, doesn't matter; they all seem equally exhausting lately.  I don't even feel like cooking these days - and I love cooking.

I can't really put my finger on the root of the problem, but I know that I need to do something to overcome this general malaise.  It doesn't help that our son has come to our room in the wee hours of the morning for the last few days.  I have a difficult time falling asleep and, as a result of our early-morning visits, I've been walking around in a constant state of fatigue.

Though I'm too tired to attempt a fun-filled day with friends, I still try to give my son a fun day at home.  For example, my son and I had a great time playing catch this afternoon.  He still has a wild throw, but he's getting a lot better about catching the ball.  I never thought that I had as much pep as the cheeriest cheerleader, but it turns out that I sure do!  I jumped up & down, clapped, and cheered every time he caught the ball.  He beamed and I felt so proud of him!

While playing with his magnetic alphabet, I learned that he can identify the following letters:  C, K, S, N, P, D, and A.  He can imitate the phonetic sounds of most of those letters too.

I thought it might be fun to teach my son how to give butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses.  He didn't like butterfly kisses at all, but he thought Eskimo kisses were hilarious.  He created a game where he'd jump up, grab my face, give me an Eskimo kiss, and fall over backward on the couch while saying, "Whoa!" 

Playing the Eskimo kisses game was a lot of fun. . .until he gave me a fat lip.  How do you get a fat lip while getting an Eskimo kiss?  Surprisingly, it isn't very difficult if the kisser finishes by smacking you in the mouth with their forehead.  I finally was able to stop the bleeding after about 15 minutes and I'm hoping that the ice-pack minimized the swelling enough that it won't look terrible tomorrow.

I need to get some solid rest and I hope that the boy stays in his bed until a decent time in the morning.

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