Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Has the 2nd Amendment Done for Me Lately?

What has the 2nd Amendment done for me lately?  Well, more accurately, what have I done to enjoy the 2nd Amendment lately?  Turns out, not much.

I was pregnant the last time I shot a firearm.  The last time I shot a gun was in 2007.  I miss shooting guns.  There.  I said it.

I'm not a 2nd Amendment chest thumper, but I do believe that it is absolutely within our rights as American citizens to own firearms.  Gun ownership within the citizenry thwarts government abuses against the weak and unarmed.  And, I'll add that a well-armed citizenry is also a crime deterrent.  Specifically, a deterrent against burglary and other home invasion-style crime.  You know, worst case scenario, a well-armed citizenry could very well hold the line against foreign invaders.

It's not like I used to walk around with a gun strapped to my thigh or anything, but I used to spend a lot more time around firearms.  I guess that I always figured that guns were found in all households.  Ever since I was a child, there has been at least one firearm in every residence that I've lived in.

My father grew up using guns.  He has many fond memories of wonderful hunting trips with his male family members - uncles, cousins, and his brother.  To this day, he owns many guns.  Growing up, we knew these guns existed and we sort of knew where he kept them.  We also knew that he would have our hides if he found us touching his guns.  That's a fancy way of saying that he'd beat our butts if he found us playing with guns.  So we didn't fool around with firearms.

In my late-teens to early-20s, I used up a ton of .22 rifle ammo.  My boyfriend and I would head out camping in the extreme hinterlands of California and shoot away.  In our off-roading adventures, we found an abandoned campground.  I always found it somewhat eerie to walk among the long-empty buildings.  It seriously looked like the set of Friday the 13th or something.  But I was thankful that I was walking with a loaded rifle.  I chuckle when I think about those days.  Why?  Well, because I often walked around nude, with that rifle over my shoulder, while we were exploring the area.  After setting up targets, I'd frequently take aim wearing nothing but the skin I was born in.  I had a wonderfully tight figure and hair straight down to my waist. . .Sweet Cheeks was a nickname that I righteously earned. 

My ex-husband was enamored with firearms.  He had some issues (to say the least) and I think he felt that using guns made him feel more powerful and dominant.  We often visited local shooting ranges on dates prior to our nuptials.  I wish now that I had kept what was "my" gun during our relationship, but I didn't take much of anything when our marriage broke up. 

My current husband, the father of my son, is also a fan of firearms.  He doesn't have any weird issues or anything, he just knows his way around a gun.  He received his first gun, a .410 shotgun, when he was under ten years old.  He's in his 50s now, so it would be entirely fair to say that he's always grown up around guns.

When my father and my husband get to talking about firearms, I know it's time to leave.  Otherwise, I'll be bored out of my mind.  But when they want to go shooting. . .well, you know that you're going to get the opportunity to try out some pretty awesome firearms and ammo. 

It was November 2007 when I last was on the firing range.  I was pregnant.  And I was blazing away.  My personal favorite is the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum 66.  My nephew thought it was hilarious that I put a set of ears on my burgeoning belly so that the unborn baby didn't hear the pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop of a semi-automatic .45 caliber. That would be my husband's Colt.

I've told my husband that if he ever divorces me that I will get to keep the S & W revolver.  I guess that you could say that I want my gun to fire when I pull the trigger.  If I pull it six times, I expect it to say bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang.  Yes, I am excessively fond of revolvers.

I haven't shot a firearm since November 2007.  I feel like it would be better, safer even, if I exercised my draw & aim reflexes, but I haven't had the opportunity to do so in well over two years.  I do think that I need to make the time to keep those skills in place.

All this said, if I had four hours of time away from my son, I don't think I'd spend it at the firing range.  I'd totally spend it with my hair dresser!!!

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