Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Boy Bed is a Big Hit!

Though his fever broke last night, my son still felt pretty punky today.  We stayed in for the day and he seemed to enjoy playing with his trains and a couple of new cars that friends gave him over the weekend.  He's quite the musical little guy and he treated me to a concert utilizing a piano, a guitar, and a recorder.  I often end up playing the recorder and, unfortunately, it's often after my son has been slobbering on the mouthpiece.  Since I'm about the least-talented musician on the planet, I often think that my contribution ruins his delightful compositions.

I tried to break the monotony by watching several kid shows and, of course, Elmo videos.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that we watched three Elmo videos today.  I also decided to check out what my cable service was offering On-Demand so that I might have something interesting to watch when the kiddo took his nap.

Woo-Hoo!  I hit an Alfred Hitchcock jackpot!  Cinemax is having a Hitchcock film festival and there are around fifteen movies to choose from.  Thus far, I've enjoyed Rear Window (a favorite of mine) and a few movies that I haven't seen before:  The Man Who Knew Much, Rope, and Shadow of a Doubt.  I don't customarily watch inappropriate programming when my son is awake.  But it's on like Donkey Kong when he's asleep!

Anyway, on to the progress with the big boy bed.  My son put his animals on his bed when he was ready for his nap.  Once I turned on his sound machine, he decided that he was not ready for his nap.  To prove his point, he ran through the house, yelling and crying.  Of course, all that really proved is that he really was tired and that he was very ready for a nap.  As would be expected, he stumbled and fell down as he was tearing through the house.  I picked him up, gave him some cuddles, and put him in his bed so that he could go to sleep.

And he did.

He was so comfortable and so tired that he napped for a few hours.  He woke calling for me and, as usual, he was clean & dry.  He pointed to his bed when I picked him up.  I told him that's his new bed since he's such a big boy.  He said, "Tie-tie," and I replied that it was for using whenever he's tired.

At bedtime, he gathered his favorite animals and a fresh burpie and he put them in his bed.  After his bath and his two bedtime stories, he ran to make a final trip to the potty.  Then he climbed in his bed, cuddled up to his animals, and I haven't heard a sound from him all night.

The big boy bed.  I'd say it's a pretty big hit!

BTW, I noticed babywearing in The Man Who Knew Too Much.  Yes, I guess I'm a little obsessed!

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