Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Used the Bamboo Blend Diaper Inserts Yesterday

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this will be a (somewhat) gross post.  So I started my period and I used my son's bamboo blend diaper inserts and thought I'd update my readership on my experiment.

I knew she was coming, but I hoped (and prayed) that she wasn't.  Aunt Flo.  Sigh.  That means that I did not conceive in my last cycle.  Crap!

Anyway, the morning began with Aunt Flo making her most unwelcome entrance.  And by entrance, I mean she strolled right out of my vadge with her very own red carpet.  GRRR!

Impossibly frustrated by the start of my day, I began to grab my Diva Cup.  Then I remembered yesterday's blog post and I decided that I'd try my own version of mama cloth.  So I grabbed a handful of my son's old diaper inserts.  I happened to grab the bamboo blend. 

Stuffing bamboo blend inserts in my panties felt a little odd, but I guess that's because I don't use maxi pads.  Well, that and because they had been a part of my son's diapers.  Oh my, they were very soft and very comfy.  I must say that they were so soft and comfortable that I almost wanted to love them.  But they were freaking big and, since I don't use pads, they felt really weird against my labia.  Plus, I wasn't sure that I needed such a long "pad."  So I folded the insert in half, found the sweet spot of my panties, and went about my day.

It could have been worse.  But I definitely have a new appreciation of the phrase, "riding the cotton pony."  Neigh!  Neigh!

You know, it was weird, but it wasn't horrible.  I mean, I'd rather not deal with a "pad" every single time that I urinate, but it wasn't unlivable.  I took the insert, rinsed it in the toilet using my diaper sprayer/bidet, sprayed it with Bac-Out, and tossed it in a plastic bin.  I actually used an old diaper wipes container and it worked really well.

I went through 6 inserts within around 8 hours.  I was sure that I destroyed a couple of those inserts with Aunt Flo's ugliness.  But I'm happy that I didn't.  I washed them and they came out perfectly clean - no stains or anything weird.  I finally broke out my Diva Cup and called an end to my experiment. 

I'm happy that I tried something outside my comfort zone.  I'm pleased that I found an interesting way to reuse something that I already owned.  And I'm glad that I learned that I could live with my periods if all the drugstores closed down and my Diva Cup was out of commission. 

Mama Cloth periods?  I could live with them.  Of course, I won't be tossing my Diva Cup any time soon.

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