Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hottest Song in History

I know it's Wednesday and I've slacked off on posting a pic once a week, but I can't access my other computer so I won't be doing a picture post today.  I've been cruising youtube for my musical entertainment and I kept hitting up songs that I remember well from my late-teens to early-20s.  I have a wide range of musical likes and today it was all about Tupac and LL Cool J.

I've probably mentioned before that I dig LL Cool J and his songs are always fun.  I know that I probably don't seem like someone who'd like his music since I'm something of a folk-rocking hippie, but I totally love him.  I guess his name is accurate, eh?  And, oh my, that man has the sexiest lips on the planet.  I'm not a big fan of kissing on the mouth, but I'd make an exception for him.

This song is typically censored to bits on the radio, but here's the uncensored version of Doin It.  It is probably the sexiest song ever written and, if it were possible to make me blush, I'd be beet red at certain parts.  I submit the following line as an example:  "I need a rough neck nigga Mandingo in the sac who ain't afraid to pull my hair and spank me from the back."  Well, that young lady certainly knows what she needs!

I didn't make a Wordless Wednesday post, but I suppose I made a Wanton Wednesday one instead.  They don't call it "hump day" for nothing!


  1. Hmmmm....doesn'tshouldn't Wanton Wednesday require at the least a semi-nekkid pic? :-*

  2. I'm not sure who you are since you're hiding behind the name "Anonymous," but I'll go ahead and say "you wish!" Check around the internet and I'm sure you'll find some from my much hotter & younger days. ;-)