Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stats Reveal Strange Truths

Whoa!  I've been checking out my blog stats fairly regularly and I'm floored by the truths they reveal.  I lost the stats on my old blog once I killed it, but I noted a few things prior to burning it down.

- My most popular post topics (based on pageviews) are, in no particular order:  my dead brother, my dead baby, and sex.  An odd mix, to be sure, and I'm not sure what to make of it.  I suppose if I wrote about necrophilia the page clicks would go off the friggin' charts, huh?  And you guys think I'm the sicko!
- My drunken exploits are also quite popular and I've noted that the posts with self-deprecating humor are also well received.  I find this interesting because, as I've said time and again, I just don't do funny.
- Readers are more far likely to share a sex-related post than a non-sexy post.  I suppose I have quite the horny readership!  Like author, like reader - right?
- I've had some posts shared by more than 30 people.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but I only have 17 official followers on this blog so even non-followers are sharing my posts.  So, if you're willing to share my words, why aren't you all following me??  Click the "Follow" button on the right to follow me with GFC.  Seriously, nearly 100 of you were willing to sign in to read my blog when it was only visible by invitation only. . .
- This blog has only been in existence since the end of September (some of you remember that I had to transfer over the old posts from the previous blog) and I have well over 1,500 more pageviews on this blog than I did on the old blog and the old blog was in existence more than 9 1/2-months.
- Over 100 people wanted to know which song was the sexiest one ever recorded.
- Indeed, I had over 100 pageviews on at three different days last week.  To rip off a favorite Mel Brooks movie, I'd say I'm rapidly becoming a big underground success!  In another 25-years, I might be able to shake your hands in broad daylight - haha!
- Prior to switching to this new blog and losing the old stats, The Potty Training Post was the most viewed post by more than 2 to 1.  Potty training is a serious business!
- I've been read by readers in ten other countries.  Prior to ditching my old blog, there were about thirty countries represented on my audience list.
- I get comments from readers on the blog itself, on Facebook, and also via e-mail.  I average around five comments per post.  Yeah, I had too much time on my hands since I felt the need to figure that one out!

I like to write and sometimes it gripes me that I'm willing to spend the time writing a blog for instant gratification rather than actually complete one of my novels.  Getting instant feedback is damn addicting for a writer, but I'm sure that I'll stop wasting my effort blogging and take on one of my true labors of love at some point.  A critique group that I used to belong to gave great praise to a particular memoir that I was working on and that book is never far from my mind because I lived it and survived in a most spectacular fashion. 

I've tried many hobbies over my life (crochet, eggery, scrapbooking, & plenty more!) and I always return to my first true love:  the written word.  Self expression and the freedom to express thought are things that I love and cherish.  I realize that I've touched on some personal topics in this blog, but it is nothing compared to what I've written in the past; I've written about some incredibly painful and intense situations and how I've grown from those experiences.  This blog may not be Mr. Right, but at least it is Mr. Right Now and that's good enough for me. . .for now!

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