Friday, January 29, 2010

I Really Am FLYing

The Fly Lady has kicked me in the rear. Since I began FLYing yesterday, I've packed up several boxes of unnecessary clothing and shoes, thrown out a ton of unused cosmetics, shined my kitchen sink (each night after dinner), cleaned my toilets, cleared out old (and a few brand-new) cookbooks, and found a can opener that I had forgotten about. Amazingly enough, it took less than 2 hours of actual work.

I'm struck again by our blessings. How is it that we have accumulated so many material things? And how is it that we don't even notice we have them? I'm thankful that these things, which I apparently care so little for, may go to someone who loves receiving them. It's the most effortless and ingenious action ever - I give away something that's bringing me down and it lifts up someone else. Pretty neat if you ask me.

I think The Fly Lady works because, if you utilize the program, you will automatically begin picking up, cleaning up, and purging. Today I had over 100 newsletters that I had to fold, seal, label, and stamp. Before I began, I took a moment to consider what I would do if I was FLYing right.

I thought it made good sense to let toilet bowl cleaner work while I worked. So I gave a hefty squirt of cleaner in both toilets and started on my newsletters. I took a break mid-way through the newsletters and gave the toilets a good scrubbing. You know, letting the cleaner do it's job made my job so much easier. I hardly had to scrub at all. Just a few quick swishes around the bowl and a couple of flushes. To make further good use of time, I wiped down the outside of the bowl and the rim while waiting for the tank to fill.

I used to run my life by my planner. If it wasn't on the calendar, it wasn't happening. I haven't purchased a calendar in almost two years and my time management has really gone down the drain. In the last two days, The Fly Lady has helped me use my time wisely. Rather than feeling down that I didn't get enough done each day, I'm encouraged by all that I've accomplished.

I want to see just how far I can take this mission to declutter, clean, and organize our home. . .who else is FLYing with me?

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