Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I love words. I like words so much that I have often picked up the dictionary just to read the words and learn, or reinforce, their meaning. If I had the time, I would snuggle up to a dictionary every day. I would be ecstatic if I could earn a living on the words I write. I don't just like words, I adore words.

Words don't simply exist in nature. Every word we speak or read was made up by someone, somewhere, in history. The English language consists of words from many other languages. English is not a closed language and it grows all the time, particularly in the fields of Technology and Science.

But plenty of people are adding pop culture words by the day. I posted about the "vaggazling" of Jennifer Love Hewett. "Bootylicious" was coined by Beyonce and, going back a few years, we can thank the show Seinfeld for adding "sponge-worthy" to the lexicon. Terms that came from the internet, like Frenemy, Unfriend, and Noob, are found in common conversation now. Even text-friendly abbreviations like STFU, GTFO, and OMG are commonplace.

I have come up with a couple of words over the years. A quick Google search shows that other people have used the words, but I'll still take credit for the cleverness because I'd never heard either word prior to my "inventing" it. I sure as heck didn't read either word in the dictionary!

I came up with the term Sascrotch back in 1999. Yes, it means exactly what you think it does. You don't really want to know why I came up with the term, trust me you don't, but the term fit perfectly.

Around the 2004 I came up with a term to describe my political leanings because I could no longer consider myself just a Conservative. The easiest way to describe my political philosophy was Conservatarian. I truly am more Libertariantive (hm, I think I just made another word!) these days, but it doesn't have such a nice ring.

Definitions (in case you didn't quite get it)

Conservatarian - Portmanteau of the words Conservative and Libertarian. One who politically is Conservative, but has Libertarian leanings on certain issues.

Libertariantive (Yeah, I'm including it even though I just made it up for this post) - Portmanteau of the words Libertarian and Conservative. One who politically is Libertarian, but has Conservative leanings on certain issues.

Sascrotch (This is really what you wanted, right?) - 1 A remarkably unkempt pubic area. 2 Someone who has remarkably unkempt pubic hair. NOTE: This does not mean that one simply has pubic hair, it is the disheveled appearance that indicates utter neglect of any pubic area grooming.

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