Monday, January 11, 2010

They Grow So Fast

I suppose one day I'll look at my little son and realize he's become a grown man. And I have a suspicion that day will come far earlier than I could ever expect.

I took my son to the first day of Kindergym this morning. We participated in the last session, so I knew I'd be familiar with most of the routine. What I didn't know is that my son would be so familiar with the routine. At some point he has developed a pretty good memory and I didn't realize it.

My boy knew when it was time to run up to Miss Lorrie and ask for a bell. He also knew to return the bell after the song and dance routine were complete. He remembered that bubbles were for chasing and popping. He even participated in some of the exercises that he never understood in the last session. He's growing up and it's happening so fast.

It's cliche, but it does seem like only yesterday that my husband and I welcomed him home from the hospital. I remember how painful it was to get in the car. I recall thinking that the other drivers on the road were reckless. An obscure song from the 70s was playing on the radio, "Daddy Don't You Walk so Fast" by Wayne Newton. It actually brought tears to my eyes that afternoon, the thought of a father voluntarily leaving his family.

The three of us walked in the house and we put the baby in his bassinet in the living room. I sat on the rocking chair and stared at our sleeping babe for what seemed like forever. He was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen and I knew that I'd do anything for him. My dedication to him has continued to grow with each passing day.

I loved him before I ever even knew him and I knew my heart was his the very first time I saw his sweet face. He was sleeping when he was pulled from my abdomen and he looked so peaceful, so serene. I remarked to my husband, "I can see him. I can see him. He has the face of an angel." My husband wasn't sure how I saw anything because the drape covered everything, but he knew I saw something because my voice was so full of wonder and awe.

How he has grown since then! It's been less than two years, but already he is so much more mature than he was even six months ago. The next few years will bring even more growth and maturity. I often wonder which is the best stage of childhood. I can't decide because I love each age he's been. He's my adorable son and I can't help but love whichever stage he's in. Sure, we're on the verge of the much-feared terrible two's, but I know that this too shall pass. And I'm afraid it all passes far too fast.

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