Sunday, April 4, 2010

Addiction Hurts More Than the Addict

I feel like addiction has always been in my life. I have had close relationships with addicts at various stages in my life. From very early childhood to adolescence to adulthood, there has nearly always been an addict in my life.

Thanks to addiction, I have cried oceans of tears. I have worried, I have feared. I have bargained and I have begged. I have pleaded, I have prayed.

More than anything though, I have wept. Wept for the damage that the addict is doing. Wept over my helplessness to remove the addiction from their life. Wept in frustration that someone I love (or loved) is powerless to fight a substance that beckons them.

Addiction is seductive and it doesn't take no for an answer. It lures the addict back with promises of good times. Of course, those good times are increasingly hollow and eventually fade away altogether.

Addiction is a thief. It steals the addict's health, time, and money. Even worse, it steals the very soul of the addict. They become someone their own family doesn't recognize. And, if they live long enough, the addict wouldn't even recognize themselves.

Addiction consumes the heart and mind of the addict. The addict eventually loves their addiction more than their own family. More than themselves.

I hate addiction. I just hate it. I hate what it does to the addict and I hate the pain it inflicts upon their family. It hurts friends and family so much more than the addict could ever guess.

I'm very concerned about someone I love. I have maintained their anonymity out of consideration and respect, but I'm worried. They refuse to participate in the program that they are currently enrolled in and they are growing increasingly combative. Please take a moment to say a prayer that this individual can break free from the bondage of addiction and give this person's family the strength to stand firm in demanding sobriety. With God, all things are possible. Please ask, and continue to ask, for His help with this painful situation.

Happy Easter. . .He is Risen!

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