Monday, April 19, 2010

Hair Product Suggestions?

I've only used two brands of hair product for the last fifteen years. I like Redken very much, but I'm ready to make a change and I'm considering going the drugstore route.

My hair is long (in case you didn't realize that - ha!), it is colored, and bleached. My scalp tends toward oily, but my hair tends to be somewhat dry. I detest blow-drying my hair and I prefer to air-dry whenever possible. It has become very wavy in the last few years. Do you have any suggestions?

Though I visit an Aveda salon (when I get a few hours to myself!), please don't recommend it because I think their products smell like soil.


  1. I use garnier fructis for color treated hair. I only wash my hair every other days as many hair stylist will tell u the same thing, because shampooing every day strips your hair of its natural moisture. I also only use conditioner about 2 times a week. Otherwise it tends to get more oily. My scalp is oily too along with my hair dry from bleaching/coloring it.

    Works great and smells good too. You can buy it at Costco too and it is cheaper than at the store. =)

    I love Redken also...that is what I used before I went to my current "store brand".

  2. Thanks for the input! I only wash every third day or so for just the reason you described. I tried the Garnier Wonder Waves spray today and I liked it - probably would have liked it more if I'd followed the directions - and I received two other recommendations for the Garnier shampoo. Looks like I need to make a trip to Costco!