Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Sad Day and a Way to Help

My family attended the funeral for Wendy Talarico this morning. For a woman who died so young, she touched many lives. There were over 1,000 mourners in attendance.

As is often the case, the most heartbreaking moment was when her grieving husband said a few words. He rightfully kept their private moments between the two of them and instead chose to talk about the last six months. That family has been on an emotional roller-coaster since last September; I can't imagine how awful they have suffered. But he also talked about the good things they've experienced. Thanks to the gift of these last six months, they shared a lot of joy. Wendy was able to see their daughter celebrate her 7th birthday, she was able to attend her daughter's Valentine's Day party at school, she was able to see her infant son's first smiles and cheer for his crawling, and she celebrated one more birthday of her own with her family. They had one last Thanksgiving together and a final Christmas to cherish.

He added that just before she suffered her hemorrhage, the four of them spent a particularly beautiful time together. They had finished dinner and, rather than getting the children ready for sleep or watching television, they gathered on the bed and played. Frank tickled their daughter, Wendy corralled their little crawler. . .it sounds like a moment that takes place often in every family. And they will never experience it again.

Hold your loved ones close to your heart. Every single day that you have with your family is a gift to treasure. Let them know your love through your words and actions. Pray for the comfort of those who have had to say goodbye to their loved ones.

I picked up a flyer today and wanted to let you be aware of a way that you can help this family.

Educational funds have been established for each child: Gabriella Josephine Talarico and Frank Nicholas Talarico. If you would like to donate to these funds, please make your donation payable to either child. You may send your donation to:

Pasquale Talarico
362 S. Shaffer Street
Orange, CA 92886

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