Friday, April 16, 2010

It is My Blog, Therefore It Contains My Opinions

I wrote two posts last night and I really didn't want to write one tonight. However, I received a poison pen letter last night and I felt the need to set a few things straight.

I'm not a journalist. I'm not a reporter. I'm not a researcher. I'm not unbiased. I do have definite opinions and I freely state them in this blog.

No one is being forced to read this blog. No one can be punished for not reading this blog. There is no reason to view this blog unless you are interested in reading my thoughts on a wide range of topics.

This blog only has eight followers, so it really can't be considered an internet sensation. Even if it were, I have taken great pains to protect the identities of several individuals. Indeed, I have not even indicated the gender of certain individuals because I believe that even the guilty deserve some measure of protection.

Again, if you read my blog, be prepared to read my opinions. If my opinions offend your delicate sensibilities, I would suggest that you either toughen up or avoid reading my blog ever again. I am under no obligation to see to it that you are not offended by my words.

Know this, my poison-penned friend, I have always written the truth here. I haven't made up details or embellished anecdotes because I feel that I write well enough without relying on such common tricks. If the truth offends you, well, then you have far greater problems than your personal feelings about me. If you are able to identify an individual based on what I've written, it only serves to prove that I have been completely honest.

You can claim anything you want about my personal character, but I will be vindicated in the end. I am honorable, faithful, and true. I am spotless and above reproach. Based on the hate and vitriol you sent, I think it's clear that you cannot claim the same.

I know you are reading this. . .there is no need to respond. My life is full and busy enough without this ridiculous drama.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's a sure sign that this is not directed toward you.


  1. Now you have nine followers...well, you always did, but now it is official!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I'm getting dangerously close to being an internet sensation now! hehe