Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prayers for a Dear Friend

Last week I blogged about a friend who had just lost her mother.  I'm saddened to hear that she lost her father today.  I can't imagine how she must ache, how her entire family must hurt.

I believe in prayer and I have been praying for my friend every day.  At the height of my own grief, immediately after my brother's death and my baby's death, there were days that I couldn't bring myself to pray.  I wanted to, it's just that I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I didn't feel angry with God, I just felt spiritually dull and dry (broken, really), but I know that I was being prayed for by friends and family members.  I'm convinced that those prayers are what kept me going and what helped lift the heavy fog of depression that was beginning to descend.

Christians may grieve differently than some, the promise of eternal life with Him is a great comfort, but they do still grieve.  Even Jesus wept for Lazarus. . .before He restored him.  Her parents are gone from this earthly life, but they have been restored; reunited with Christ and with each other.

My loving Lord carried me through my darkest hours and I'm know that He's with her too.

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