Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why is it. . .

- that there is only one serving of noodles when I'm queasy and only noodles sound good?  Naturally, my son wanted noodles too.

- that my one month prescription contains only 50 suppositories?  How exactly am I'm supposed to use two each day when I only get 50 for the month?

- that cable shows are so much better than what the networks offer?

- that buying another house has turned into a never-freaking-ending saga that goes on and on and on?

- that beer is suddenly the absolute worst-smelling substance on the planet?

- that Braveheart was a bigger success than Rob Roy?

- that my back begins to ache after riding in my husband's car for a few hours?

- that my husband's house is pretty much looking exactly the way I've wanted it to look and we're selling it to someone else to enjoy?

- that my son is so sweet one moment and such a terror the next?

- that I'm screwing around on-line when I could be catching up on The Borgias?

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