Monday, May 9, 2011


One wouldn't think that painters would leave your home a colossal mess, but some apparently do.  I worked my butt off from 1:00 until around 9:00 today so that my family could sleep at home tonight.  What did I do that took eight hours?  I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen, two bathrooms, the dining room, and my son's bedroom.  I decided to let everything else wait until tomorrow.  What's left?  My bedroom, the den, and our living room.

Why was I so determined to be home tonight?  I actually had a few reasons.  One is that I just don't sleep well when I'm away from home and I feel sleep-deprived as a result.  Another is that I have yet to be slammed with first trimester exhaustion so I'm trying to take advantage of my current energy levels.  Finally, my son lit up when he saw all his toys and he was eager to sleep with his "animal friends."  How eager?  He actually ASKED for a nap so he could sleep in his own bed!  Let's face it, the kid is the only reason that I busted my hump all damn day.

The house, half the house anyway, looks great.  I miss color on the walls and photos of my family, but this hopefully won't be my house for much longer.  I hear rain at the moment so I suppose the exterior painting will have to wait another day or so.

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