Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thriller Thrilled

My family had a celebration today and we dined out for dinner this evening.  This restaurant-ish place was noisy (always a plus when you have a toddler in tow) and it was lousy with college-aged kids.  The raucous co-eds behind us delighted in butchering every song that was played at ear-splitting level and I was happy when "Stairway to Heaven" started playing because they clearly had never heard the song.  As someone who doesn't really care for Zep, but does own Zeppelin IV, I find it unbelievable that there is anyone who doesn't know that song.

When "Thriller" came on the speakers, they were markedly less than.  I realized quickly that these young ladies probably, no make that definitely, were not even born when that album came out.  And that made me feel OLD!

I'm not some huge Michael Jackson fan or anything, but I do like some of his music.  Okay, stop laughing.  I said, "Stoppit!"

Look, I'm in my mid-30s (I guess) and he was HUGE when I was a little girl.  How huge was he?  So freaking huge that my super-square parents let me stay up way the heck after my bedtime to watch the world premiere of the video for the song "Thriller."  Not only that, but they actually watched the video too!  HUUUUUGE!

I'm telling you, Michael Jackson used to be totally cool instead of a total tool.  I'm not going to rag on a dead guy, but he had a spectacular fall from grace, right?

Back to the video. . .it was remarkably groundbreaking for the time it was made.  "Thriller" certainly lived up to the name.  And I'm a little embarassed to admit that I clearly remember it's premiere.

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