Friday, May 13, 2011

Guess Who Has Morning Sickness Again?

I never experienced morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son.  Sure, I had queasiness for a few weeks, but I sure wasn't vomiting or feeling ill all day long.  I didn't really have any challenging symptoms other than a constant backache.  That entire pregnancy was pretty doggone easy and I've come to realize that I was ridiculously lucky to have a relative lack of pregnancy complaints.

It totally took me by surprise when I was sick as a dog while pregnant with my lost baby.  I couldn't even keep down water and weighing in at each appointment showed that I lost weight the entire time.  Since I had so many spotting scares with that pregnancy, I took some measure of comfort in my 24/7 pukefest because the theory is that your hCG levels are continuing to increase if you're continuing to suffer.  I still ended up losing that baby so I think it's entirely possible that the theory is complete crap.

I woke up feeling queasy this morning.  Actually, I felt a little ill last night before bed. . .I would have bet everything that I own that there was a skunk in our yard.  I didn't actually yak over the possibly imagined scent, but it was bad enough that my stomach turned and I had to swallow often to keep my dinner down.

I was struggling to keep down plain ol' water this morning.  I'd reached the point where I thought I might be able to keep down a piece of toast and maybe an egg.  Then the painters showed to do their touch up work.

I almost puked last night over the smell of a skunk that may or may not have even existed and now my house would be filled with oh-so-very-real paint fumes.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Why, yes, I did end up tossing my cookies while the painters were here! 

I ultimately ended up feeling sick & queasy all day.  My nausea subsided enough in the early evening that I walked through two houses. . .I should have stopped after the first house.  The second house smelled so strongly of cat piss and cigarettes that I swear I can still smell it hours later.  Gotta love that super-human pregnancy nose!

My husband tells me that I look back on my son's pregnancy with rose colored glasses and that I had plenty of complaints.  Perhaps he's right, but it seems like I'd remember the really rough stuff.  I mean, I do remember how much my back ached.

I've gone up a cup-size in the last three weeks and, as a result, my boobs are killing me.  I apparently can't even keep water on my stomach without vomiting.  Thankfully it appears that that symptom is only around in the morning.  I've been spotting and/or bleeding every damn day for nearly a month now, courtesy of the suppositories that are helping to keep my uterine lining intact - thereby keeping my baby in my uterus.  At least, I'm inclined to blame the prog suppos since I've been spotting since I began to use them. 

Other than my nice cans and the lil' bun in my oven, it's really starting to seem like my body rebels against me when pregnant.  I'm rooting for Team Babyworks!

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