Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aunt Flo Visits for FREE

WARNING - WARNING - WARNING: Yep, this is another post about my vagina. Stop reading if you aren't interested in menstrual cups or my period.

I have my period right now and that makes me very excited and very sad. I'm sad for obvious reasons - I'm not pregnant. I'm excited because I'm on my fifth cycle with the Diva Cup. That means that Aunt Flo visits me for FREE from here on out. I'm really happy with the short ROI for the Diva Cup and I wish that I had tried it years ago.

I don't have to buy tampons to deal with my period. I'm ecstatic that I won't have to search the ever-expanding feminine aisle for the specific tampons that I use. I'm thrilled that I won't have to buy a box of tampons each month. I have a septic system and I can't flush tampons, so I'm glad that I won't have to deal with tampon disposal any longer.

I'm handling removal and insertion of the Cup like an old pro these days. I find it hard to believe that I used to have such problems with it because it is so easy to me now. I love the Cup and I'll never use anything else to handle my period again.

If anyone reading this is considering using a menstrual cup, keep in mind that it can take a few months to use it comfortably and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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