Sunday, May 9, 2010

Only One Accident Today!!

My son still wore diapers last Monday. He has been wearing underpants since mid-morning on Tuesday. It has been less than one week since we have started potty training. And. . .

He had only one accident all day today!

I'm happy that my son had so much success with making it to the toilet today. He sure beams whenever I mention how impressed I am with his clean & dry underpants. He seems so proud when we wave bye-bye to his pee-pee and flush it away. He loves being a big kid and washing his hands after he goes on the potty.

He peed in his potty chair. He peed in a regular toilet at a restaurant - without his toilet ring. He had us pull over so he could pee in his potty chair in the back of the car. He peed in our toilet with his toilet ring. I suspect he also peed in the bathtub (eye roll).

His accident came right after his nap. I find it odd that he wet his bed because he has never had an accident during nap time. He was very distressed when he woke up wet. I find that odd too since I've been impossibly understanding and patient whenever he's had an accident. I suppose that he's already starting to like being clean & dry and it bothered him to be wet.

I'm excited about the 3-day potty training method. It didn't work in only three days, but a lot of progress has been made in what I consider to be a very short period of time. I hope that he continues to enjoy great success with potty training.

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