Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weight Loss - Week 9

I'm in my ninth week with Weight Watchers (WW). In the last two months, I've only indulged in alcohol twice, I've enjoyed very little fast food, and I've pulled my sweet tooth. Uh, I didn't literally have a tooth extracted - I just mean that I've stopped eating sweets each day.

I've been very strict about following the daily Good Health Guidelines from WW. I drink enough water (6), I consume enough fruit/vegetable servings (5), I drink enough non-fat milk (2), I consume enough healthy oil (2 teaspoons), and I take my multi-vitamin every single day. I weigh or measure everything I eat and I weigh or measure while I'm cooking meals so I can correctly calculate the Points value per serving. Though I skipped tracking for the last three days because I was hosting a big celebration, I had been keeping a meticulous food journal and I started tracking again today.

Thanks to my efforts, I've lost just over 20 pounds. Actually, I lost it in the first four weeks and I've been hovering at just about the same weight for the last four weeks. I know the program works and I'm not tempted to blow it off because the scale is stuck. If I somewhat work the program, it will somewhat work. If I really work the program, it will really work!

The number on the scale isn't a great motivator to me though. The scale can reflect a different number from one hour to the next. Plenty of things can influence the scale upward or downward: sodium, fiber, fluid retention, hormones, toileting, inflammation, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather lose weight than gain it, but I'm disgusted to report that I don't even notice this 20 pound weight loss and all that tells me is that I have a lot more weight to lose. That depresses the sh*t out of me. Who in the heck doesn't notice when they've lost 20 friggin' pounds?! Fat people. :(

I do feel motivated, however, by my measurements. I have lost several inches in the last two months: 1" off each arm, 2" off my chest, 5.5" off my waist, 4" off my hips, and 3.5" off my thighs. That kind of progress makes me excited because it's a number that I can see and trust.

My husband has also been following Weight Watchers since I'm on the program. I don't know how much he's lost, but I can tell that he has dropped some pounds. An added benefit is that his snoring isn't quite so obnoxious and I've been sleeping pretty well for a couple of weeks now.

I like that we are modeling healthy eating behavior to our son. Since starting WW, we don't eat junk food and we haven't been overeating at meals. I want him to grow up and think it's perfectly normal to snack on fresh carrots, celery sticks, and fruit. I want chips, cookies, and snack crackers to be the exception rather than the rule.

I like that we are eating a very healthy diet because that means that our son has been eating a very healthy diet. He eats whatever we eat so he has been getting plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. We still eat stuff like french fries & burgers, but it is rare.

I like that we are taking responsibility for our son's diet. Would it be easier to just feed him standard toddler-fare like chicken nuggets, tater tots, processed meals, cookies, and crackers? Sure! But I know that's not the healthiest choice for my boy. Again, this doesn't meant that he doesn't eat stuff like that because he sure does. It just isn't the cornerstone of his daily diet.

I think it's pretty cute that my son wanted my carrots instead of his Goldfish crackers at snacktime this afternoon. Who says that parents aren't the best role models for their children?

I didn't gain this weight overnight and I know that it won't come off overnight. After two months, I am pleased with my progress. I'm eager to see what the next couple of months will bring!

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