Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 3 of the 3-Day Potty Training

Um, I think we need a fourth day.

I was exhausted from the start, but the day started awesome. My son slept twelve hours last night and HE WOKE UP DRY!!!! He immediately peed on the big toilet (not his potty chair) and we made over him being such a big boy. He ultimately kept his underpants clean and dry for over fifteen hours!

Then he peed on the floor. And then he did it again.

I had to send a very important e-mail this morning and my son took that opportunity to run away and poop. In his underpants. I'm used to dealing with poop, courtesy of cloth diapers, but this kinda ticked me off. I was sort of glad that he finally pooed, but I was pretty annoyed at how he did it. He knew he had to poop and, instead of telling me, he hid to do it in his underpants. I had him help me throw the poop in the toilet, rinse his underpants in the toilet, spritz them with Bac-Out, and toss them in the underpants pail. The underpants pail was formerly known as the diaper pail.

He had a stretch of always making it to the potty. We snuggled on my bed for about an hour. We snuggled in the glider rocker for another couple of hours. He even woke up dry from his nap for the third day in a row! Things were going great.

Then he bolted away and, before I could reach him, he pooped in his underpants AGAIN! I just wanted to cry. Instead, I let him know that we all have accidents and that he needs to tell Mama when he has to go potty.

He didn't want to wear any underpants after his second poopy accident. He kept shaking his head and refusing to put on his underpants - he's actually getting really good at putting them on! So I let him sit bare-bottomed on my lap. He hasn't peed while on my lap yet so I was confident that he wouldn't start now.

He had another good stretch of always making it to the potty. That stretch ended as soon as Daddy arrived home and the little one peed twice on the floor. Honestly, I was just glad that someone else could experience the joy of cleaning up pee.

As I cuddled with him and hummed his bedtime song tonight, he sat up on my lap and said he had to go poo-poo. He jumped off my lap and ran to the bathroom. All he did was toot, but he eventually peed too so I was pretty happy about that.


Is he totally potty trained? No, I don't think so. However, he is well on his way. I should also add that he's gone through fewer pair of underpants than diapers so I guess it's a good trade off.

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