Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 4 of the 3-Day Potty Training

I stayed home one more day and spent a fourth day on the 3-day potty training. I didn't want to - indeed, I'm dying to get out of this house, - but the kiddo woke up with a runny nose.

He rose fairly early this morning and was a little damp when I took him out of the crib. I figure that it's not that big of a deal. I mean, I wet the bed until I was kinda old (by my standards anyway) and he's not yet two years old. He immediately sat on his potty chair and made a lot of pee, so I think he stopped himself from voiding once he realized he was in his bed.

We played quietly and snuggled on my bed for about two hours after he woke up. He did not wet my bed. We finally moved to the front room and, within minutes, he peed on the floor. ARGH! I thought we were in for a repeat of yesterday morning. I'm relieved (heh!) that I was wrong.

He was still in diapers on Monday. He began wearing underpants around mid-morning on Tuesday. He always wears underpants now - even at naptime and bedtime. And he only had three total accidents today!

Four days ago he was still wearing diapers and he only had three accidents today! I am very impressed with this progress. I am totally exhausted, but impressed nonetheless.

We have a very busy weekend: funeral, family plans, church, family plans. I am undecided about how I should handle toileting away from home. I didn't realize that travel toilet rings exist so I don't have one. I have the toddler urinal, a potty chair, and a regular toilet ring. I'm considering bringing his own potty chair to the family gatherings and bringing the regular toilet ring to the funeral and church.

I'm sure that he will have accidents at least a couple of times while we're out, but I have resolved not to send him a mixed message by putting him back in a diaper. You have no idea how tough this is going to be for me. I don't relish the thought of dealing with potty messes, but accidents are valuable learning experiences and I want him to continue learning.

In order to deal with messy situations, I'll be packing his bag (guess I can't call it a diaper bag anymore!) with several pair of underpants, pants/shorts, and socks. I'll also bring several waterproof pads and my two travel-sized wetbags to hold soiled items. I've noted that he doesn't go potty when he's being held, so I've decided to pack my ring sling and my pouch to keep him close. I chose those two carriers instead of any others because they seem like they'd be the easiest to clean if he happens to have an accident.

Wish us luck! And, to all Mamas who are reading this post, Happy Mother's Day!!


One nice thing about the last four days is that I have finally started to use my ring sling. I could not stand it when I first received it because I felt the rings were soooo heavy and I couldn't get the positioning correct. No more. I've worn my son for hours in the ring sling over the last four days and, though I still have trouble adjusting the rails when the kiddo is in it (does anyone reading this have a special technique they can share?), I am very comfortable using it now. Wearing him often has made this stressful potty learning time so much more enjoyable!

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