Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Nap = Mother's Malaise

I wanted to write a post on the California elections, but my son only napped for about thirty minutes while we were driving this afternoon so I am totally wiped out!

As is typical when he doesn't get enough sleep at naptime, he was a terror all afternoon. In one tantrum, he yanked his radio down from a dresser. This sent his absolutely favorite music CD across the room and resulted in his loss of music privileges for the rest of the day. During one time-out, he flopped down on the Time-Out Rug and declared that he was "tie tie," which is how he says tired. He went on a tear throughout the house and my living room, den, and one restroom were totally destroyed by the time I put him to bed. I feel mentally unbalanced after hearing his screaming and whining for hours.

Hopefully tomorrow will yield a nice & long nap so I can write the post that I wanted to write this evening.

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