Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where Do You Buy Bras?

Blogging is serious business for me tonight. If you're a dude, you'll probably want to skip this one though because I don't think you'll have anything constructive to offer.

We all have them, both males and females. The female version is celebrated in the media and adored by men the world over - well, at least in the US. They are called many things: mammaries, chest, sweater puppies, bosom, chi-chis, cans, boobies, maracas, The Twins, hooters, jugs, ta-tas, titties. You know, breasts.

I prefer to call mine "boobs" and I like my boobs to be unfettered by undergarments. I know society frowns upon it, but I rarely wore a bra as an adult. I had a couple of bras that I'd purchased way back when I was in my late teens, but I just didn't see the need to wear them very often. I didn't even bother to wear a bra when I got married - either time!

I'm sure I would have learned to love how a brassiere supports my breasts if I had actually had enough breast tissue to support. But I did not. My chest very closely resembled nipples on a ribcage. . .until I got pregnant. My bra size went from being maybe a 32A (I couldn't bring myself to purchase a AA bra as an adult) to a 32D while pregnant. I wore a sports bra nearly 24/7 while pregnant to support my burgeoning bosom. Not surprisingly, my chest (and nipples) ached nearly nonstop throughout my pregnancy. The Twins further inflated to DD+ status once I began breastfeeding.

While still pregnant, I bought several different nursing bras to use once my son was born. They were as comfortable as I could expect them to be and I needed all the support up top that I could get. I think those bras were really the best that money could buy. Medela Comfort Bra and Sleep Bra for the Win!!

Once my son was born, I inexplicably thought that my breasts would shrink when the two of us established a strong nursing relationship and I bought a 32B nursing bra at a large retailer. I never used that bra once while I was breastfeeding because my breasts were never smaller than a D-cup the entire time I was nursing. Of course, once the milk went away, so did my supremely awesome ta-tas.

I stopped nursing my son nearly a year ago. I have been wearing that same 32B nursing bra for nearly one year. I do laundry every single night, so it's not totally gross. But I am freaking tired of wearing this same nursing bra, day after freaking day. I'm not nursing and I have no need to wear such a decidedly "mom-ish" undergarment. However, I don't really know where to look for a nice & normal bra because I've never really bought one before. That's where I hope my readership comes through for me.

My boobs, previously (well, pre-pregnancy anyway) always so upright and sweet, now point downward without a little support. My husband thinks they're awesome, but I think they look like sad puppy dogs. I'm glad that I have photographic evidence of how great my boobies used to look because they no longer remotely resemble their former tiny greatness. My boobs droop a bit and I have more breast tissue than I'd prefer. I think I'm a B-cup, but I'll measure and make sure prior to making any purchase.

I realize this next series of questions are ones that are usually answered around the time that a girl goes through puberty, but I never really grew any boobs so I never had a big conversation with my own mother about bras. That's why I'm asking you, my friends, my readership. I'm looking for advice and I hope you come through.

Where do you shop for bras? What kind of bras do you like and why? What features make a good bra? How much does a good bra cost? Any tips or other advice? This Mama would appreciate your input, so please share!


  1. also I cannot see spending $50 on one bra when I can get 3 for the same amount. =)

  2. I have found many cute, sexy and not too expensive but still supportive bras at Kohls. I bought myself 6 matching sets (bras and panties)from there and spent less than $100.

    Target also has a good selection. I have tried Victoria Secrets but never found that any of their bras post babies fit me the way I want them to or make me look like i want my twins to look. Since i have always worn a bra cause I was a 34C before pregnancy and now i am a 36B afterwards =( I have needed to wear one. I wish I had my C's back.

  3. 32 band size is tough, ask me how I know. Target never carries a 32, Victoria's Secret only has a limited selection *sigh* for $50 bucks a bra I would like to at least pick from the full range of options. I hit up the sale at Macy's a couple of weeks back and after spending about 2 hours searching for every 32C they had in the store came out with a handful of acceptable bras.
    I would strongly suggest heading over to VS or Nordstroms and get measured, cross you fingers that you are a 34 band size, that opens up a whole world of choices that I never get. Even if you don't buy their expensive bras they will still fit you.

  4. Thank you Stacey & Jenny. I haven't yet been measured, though I'll be sure to do so prior to going bra-shopping. Honestly, I'm quite sure that I'm not a 32-rib measurement at this point. . .