Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Craptastic Day!

It has been an all-around craptastic day and I am exhausted.  I intended to write a post about the welfare debit cards being used in casinos in California (crazy, no?), but I'm going to use my blog as a personal bitch-fest instead.  Waah, life can suck at times, waah!

I just returned home after spending a few hours visiting at the hospital.  I'm hosting a small playdate at my house tomorrow morning.  I need to dust, sweep, and mop.  I will not be doing any of these things tonight so I better wake up early enough to do it tomorrow morning.

A quick glance in the fridge reveals that I am missing a crucial ingredient for egg pie.  I guess that means that I'll have to run to the store in the morning too.  I also have a pineapple that I need to cut up before my friends arrive.

We went to Claim Jumper for dinner after leaving the hospital.  My son didn't want to eat his dinner.  After tasting my order of meatloaf, I didn't want to eat my dinner either.  It has been probably around ten years since I've been to a Claim Jumper.  The portions are altogether way too big.  And their meatloaf sucks.

I wanted to take my son to a bubble show at our local library today.  I planned our entire day around this stupid bubble show, even going so far as to put off his nap.  The parking lot was packed and I had to park a considerable distance away from the library.  I slipped the boy in the Ergo on my back and hoofed it.  The boy was perfectly happy and content snuggled up to my back, but he would not sit to watch the show.  The library staff would not let me stand toward the back of the room (why, I can't even guess) so we left.  We didn't even get to see a single bubble.  The boy was less than thrilled, particularly since I'd been telling him about this awesome bubble show all damn day.  I cried when we left.  I guess that bubble show was really important to me.

The one impossibly bright spot of my day was when I suspected that my son was up to mischief while I prepared lunch.  I left the kitchen and discovered that my sweet boy was flipping through his illustrated Bible.  I couldn't help but smile and now I wish that I had taken a photo.

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