Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Warm Weather Babywearing

Summer is nearly here and the heat is on!

I was looking over my stash of baby carriers to find the coolest possible solution for wearing my toddler during the hot Summer months. My son weighs between 25 - 30 pounds, but I still wear him a lot. I haven't used the stroller in weeks because, between the ERGO and the Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch, he's perfectly content to hitch a ride on my back or on my hip.

I'm sure that some are surprised that wearing such a heavy toddler is possible without breaking the wearer's back. I think it's totally comfortable if you use the correct carrier in the correct carry. I can only tolerate front carrying, for example, for a few minutes before my lower back begins protesting. On the other hand, I can carry him on my back or on my hip for HOURS without experiencing any pain. Similarly, using a crotch-dangle baby carrier (like the Baby Bjorn) wouldn't be comfortable for either of us for any long period of time. Using a wide-seated carrier that allows the child to "frog" out their body (legs spread, knees bent & drawn up higher than their bottom) is comfortable for hours at a time.

My only complaint about babywearing at this point is that it is already hot in my neck of the woods and our combined body heat just slays me some days. The ERGO and my Maya Wrap Adjustable Pouch, while supportive and comfortable for the two of us, are constructed of a canvas-like material and they don't exactly breathe easily. My ring sling is made of a more gauzy material, but I just can't wear him for hours in the ring sling. However, I'm still learning how to wear and adjust the ring sling, so I'm hoping that it gets more comfortable in time. At this point, I can only wear him in it for about an hour or so.

I'm tapping the knowledge and experience of my readership to help find a Summertime babywearing solution. What are your favorite baby carriers for warm weather babywearing?


  1. You have seen the carrier on my blog, you should get one!!! I don't even feel the weight of Chloe or Matthew on me hardly at all! Here's a link to get one: http://www.diapers.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=24378 They have other ones too. Just type in Lillibaby carrier. If you use the code: MYST2636 I get credit for diapers, etc. also!

  2. They do make organic ones also. The material to me is light and doesn't make Chloe or me too hot at all. If I get hot from anything, it's from her body heat on mine. http://www.scichild.com/Home/Our-Brands/lillebaby-everywear_3

  3. Thanks for the feedback Heather! I love my ERGO and the Lillebaby Everywear looks so similar that I'd hate to fork over the dough for what is essentially the same type of carrier. If anyone IS looking to purchase a Lillebaby Everywear baby carrier, please use the link and code that my friend Heather provided at 12:43 PM. Thanks!

    I have a ton of baby carriers (some moms buy strollers, I buy carriers! hehe), but I don't have any Asian-style Baby Carriers (ABCs). I wonder if a mei tai or an onbuhimo would be a satisfying option when the mercury rises? I'm leaning toward an onbuhimo because I think threading the top straps through the two rings at the bottom seem more secure. Since the designs are so simple with all the ABCs, I'm almost tempted to make one myself.