Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Month Down!

My son is two-years old and it has been exactly four weeks since he has worn a diaper. Though he still has overnight accidents every now and then, he nearly never has accidents during the day. He has a little trouble pulling down his pants, but I think I can say that he is potty trained.

He will tell us when he has to go potty whether we're at home or out & about. He knows to squeeze his muscles if he has to go potty and we aren't near a toilet. Yucky-looking public toilets don't bother him - it must be nice to be a guy! - and he will go potty on any toilet that he's seen so far. I never found a satisfactory travel toilet ring, so I just hold him up by supporting him under the arms while he sits on the toilet to do his business.

He loves wearing his big boy underpants and his Elmo drawers are his favorite. He absolutely beams after he makes his business on the toilet and he immediately runs to the sink to wash his hands afterward. My husband and I are so proud of his progress and I think he's proud of himself too.

It may not be every parent's cup of tea, but I swear by much of Lora Jensen's 3-day potty training method. I liked that it was a clean (so to speak) break away from diapers and the transition to underpants was immediate. I do have some issues with the method though. My biggest problem is that she says to make negative comments about stool in the diaper or in the underpants. I feel that doing so sends the wrong message to the child. It's not "wrong" to soil yourself if you don't know any better. . .and a new toilet learner just doesn't know any better. So I skipped that entire part and focused on the rest of the method.

Was it difficult? Not particularly. Was it exhausting? Oh my, yes it was! It was also a positive experience for my son and I think he has been built up by his success on the toilet. Overall, I think it has been worth the effort.


  1. Yahooo!!!!! I'm so excited he's officially trained. I'll be in need of some advice this summer when I start with my little dude. Congrats on being a diaper free household!

  2. Way to go! Great work, both of you.

  3. kdunkie (I know who you are!) - Thanks! You know me, I'm happy to give advice if you want it when you start with your little dude. And, yes, I am savoring the diaper pause.

    Lisa - Thanks! He did all the hard work and I'm so proud of his progress.