Saturday, January 1, 2011

The World Might Be Ending. . .

I made a ham for dinner.

I realize that a ham dinner doesn't sound all that Earth-shattering, but it is certainly unusual in my home.  I only reluctantly consume pork and ham is my least favorite meat of all.  I've only bought and prepared pork less than a handful of times in my entire adult life.  You get the point; I don't like pork and I particularly don't like ham.

So why did I make a ham for dinner?  Because it's New Year's Day and we traditionally have ham, black eyed peas, and okra for dinner on the first day of every new year.  Most years we also have greens, but my weird food aversions made greens totally impossible to stomach so I subbed in corn instead. 

It must just be my pregnancy-changed taste buds, but I actually found the ham quite delicious.  We made it in the slow cooker and it was moist and tasty.  Unfortunately, I have what looks like a lifetime supply of ham left over and I'm not sure what to do with it.  The only thing I can think of is ham & bean soup, but there must be some other recipes I should try.  What do you suggest I do to use up left over ham?


  1. Well I don't have any specific ham recipes but these are a few suggestion beyond the ham sandwich to use it up. 1) Dice it up as part of a chef salad 2) Add some to potato leek soup or vegetable soup 3) May go well with some sauerkraut and mashed potatos 4)Add a slice to grilled cheese sandwiches 4) Green eggs and ham (LOL) - okay that is a sign for me to stop. Ideas are running thin here. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the ideas, Sarah. Your soup comment was my springboard to make split pea soup last night. If I have enough left over for another meal (seriously, I had no idea hams were so HUGE) and I can handle the smell, I like the idea of the sauerkraut and potatoes.