Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Christmas Letter - II

Here is the Christmas letter I never sent out last year.  No photos, of course, unless you'd like to see some awesome pics of our family.  Let me know if you'd like to see some pics and I'll send them via e-mail. . .I have an entire year of my lil' guy and his super-cute photos.

* * *

"We ended 2009 full of promise and hope, sure that 2010 would be our year.  Sometimes life just doesn't work out the way we expect.  This year has been wildly difficult and, as a result, this Christmas letter is far more somber than one I'd normally write.

Where to begin?  For starters, it's important to say that Bill, Heather, & (our son) are all enjoying good health at the moment.  Our family is together and healthy and that is really the most important thing in life and it's what we are most thankful for every year, but especially this year.

We've attended eight funerals this year; we lost close friends, Bill's last grandparent, and, most painfully, we suffered the loss of Heather's only brother who died unexpectedly at age 41.  One of Heather's family members endured six surgeries this year and very nearly passed away on two different occasions.  There is a particular type of turmoil on two fronts that has been on-going since early this year and there is little chance for a rapid resolution. 

It might sound like this has been a terrible year for our family.  And, yes, it has been very difficult at times.  Our faith has been challenged often in 2010.  But these challenges have only served to push us closer to God, to lean on Him, and seek comfort in the shelter of His loving arms.  I find it hard to say that I'm thankful for the pain that we've suffered this year, but I am thankful that I can always fall on my knees in prayer when I can't possibly stand on my own two feet - and 2010 brought many days just like that.

Our little (our son) is 2 1/2-years old now and, if we do say so ourselves, he is so smart and adorable.  He was fully potty trained just before his second birthday and he transitioned out of the crib soon after to help curb night time accidents.  His verbal communication isn't always clear, but he has a lot to say and he's become quite the chatterbox.  Of course, being a typical toddler, some days are better than others.  Most days are a joy and Heather stays busy taking him to playdates, pre-pre-school, and other activities with friends.

We are very happy to announce that (our son) will get a sibling next year.  Yes, after 19-months of trying, Heather is eight-weeks pregnant.  This baby has already brought us such happiness and we're eager to meet the final member of our family next August.  (We lost this baby in the first trimester. . . )

If I've learned anything in this year, it's that life is fleeting.  We might not see you as often as we would like, and some of you we haven't seen even once this year, but we still do care about you and want you in our lives.  In the end, nothing else matters except the love we have for and demonstrate toward each other.

We end 2010 full of promise and hope, sure that 2011 will be our year.

"For unto you is born this day in the City of David
a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11"

Aw, well, we lost that darling baby. . .one day, God willing, we will give our darling boy a cherished sibling.

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